Welcome to my blog, a random collection of stories, some true-ish, others a lot less. I’ve only ever written screenplays so far and this is my first attempt at more traditional writing, blogging and reporting.

It all started with a fateful trip to Ukraine, to make a documentary. Our adventures and misadventures there, what I can remember anyway, felt a lot like a Hunter S. Thompson story and so Gonzo journalism seemed like the ideal angle from which to approach keeping a record of it.

Gonzo is defined by the author’s complete disregard for objectivity, seeing it as impossible to achieve and if pursued, as a hindrance to being able to tell a true story. By the same given, the Gonzo journalist will have to abandon all ambition of remaining a passive observer and will have to play an active role in the story. That sounds about right and I hope I made the master proud.

During this adventure, I’ve also managed to get my hands on a coveted press-card.
I intend to make full use of it, at least until they catch me. I hope it will take me on new journeys and I’ll make my best to keep you posted.

That’s about it.
Strap in. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Mat Flasque