The tribulations of an apprentice producer

As for most things in life, in filmmaking it’s really the making part that is the most fun. Whatever it is that you do, you may spend days, weeks, months or even years grafting to get your work to your standard of perfection until you are satisfied. And then, if you depend on this work to put food on the table or even if it’s a simple step in the direction you’d like your life to take, well you’ve got sell it and that’s when fun, for the most part, goes out of the window.

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Little trouble in the Big Apple


Though I too love to sail forbidden seas, I have not travelled half as far as my heart wishes. A few years back, I did find my way to New York City, as far from home as I’d ever been. It was a spur of the moment sort of affair but one that had been coming for some time, for I had long felt the pull of the great white whale living far across the sea.

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